Nova Marine Carriers Carisbrooke Shipping

New joint venture between Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd and Nova Marine Carriers

New joint venture between Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd and Nova Marine Carriers

Nova Marine Carriers Carisbrooke Shipping

14 June 2016

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new cooperation between Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd, UK and Nova Marine Carriers SA, Switzerland namely NC Ship Holding BV incorporated in the Netherlands.


The new company will initially consist of four jointly owned state of the art boxy bulk carriers, the vessels, all geared 8050 dwt tonners, will fly EU flags and will mainly focus on Mediterranean-Black sea trades (cabotage) while developing further synergies between the two groups.


The four vessels are namely the – Martina NC, Lijun NC, Steffi NC and Xiaoyi NC.


Carisbrooke Shipping currently controls a combination of 60 shortsea, MPP and bulk carriers (including grab fitted vessels) ranging from 5,000 dwt up to 13,400 dwt. The emphasis is on UK-Continent/Mediterranean short sea market and the main commodities carried are grains, fertilizers, coal, forest products etc. With offices in Cowes (Isle of Wight -UK) and Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, Carisbrooke is also actively involved in dry bulk trades within and between European, Trans Atlantic, Americas, and Far East markets.


Nova Marine Carriers currently controls a fleet of 60 vessels ranging from 5,000 dwt up to 57,000 dwt bulk carriers as well as a fast growing fleet of pneumatic cement vessels. Nova’s core business is mainly on Baltic-North Europe/Mediterranean-Black Sea trades with 25/32,000 dwt grab fitted bulk carriers and they have close association within the steel and cement industries. Furthermore Nova is active in PG/Indian Ocean markets and in the Americas. Nova’s headquarters are located in Lugano with branch offices in Rotterdam, Sofia, Dubai, Madrid, Montreal, Miami and Bogota.


Robert Wester, COO of Carisbrooke Shipping, commented on this new cooperation:

“This is an exciting development at a challenging time for the industry.

We are very pleased with this strategic alliance with Nova Marine Carriers that we believe will allow us to develop synergies derived from the short sea and dry bulk expertise of the two companies. The focus for these vessels shall be to operate in the Mediterranean market.

This new alliance shall allow us to provide even more of a 1st class service to our customers, and stakeholders alike.”


Vincenzo Romeo, CEO of Nova Marine Carriers, commented on this cooperation:

“Both groups, having humble family origins have developed into strong shipping groups. We believe that the similarities in our approach to the business coupled with Carisbrooke’s strength in North Europe and ours in South Europe shall help us better service mutual existing and potential new customers with quality tonnage and professional performance. “


For more information please contact either Robert Wester of Carisbrooke Shipping or Vincenzo Romeo of Nova Marine Carriers.