It has been named “NACC Capri” and is a 7300 mtdw pneumatic cement carrier, the latest addition to the NACC fleet following delivery ex yard in November 2016.

The vessel is extremely versatile having the ability to trade cement, GGBFS and fly ash and to load mechanically from loading conveyor belt from shore with a loading rate of up to 500 tons per hour, pneumatically via shore pipelines as well as via bulk trucks to cargo holds with a total of 20 lines from shore (10 port side – 10 starboard side). The Vessel is further fitted with a discharging system allowing both pneumatic discharge via shore pipeline as well as via bulk truck station.

The Vessel has been built as a fully lakes fitted cement carrier, therefore capable of trading in Canadian Great Lakes which further testify the quality of construction and of makers utilised, vast majority of them being Western European, US or Japanese made.

The handling system can be described as a landmark of NACC cement carriers and, similarly to vast majority of the cement carriers of the fleet, the Netherlands made Van Aalst Marine & Offshore vacuum handling system has been adopted to further enhance the efficiency of Vessel’s fully automated loading and discharging operations. The said system also provides, amongst others, the ability to transfer cargo from one hold to the other or viceversa.

Vessel’s remarkable features are coupled by very economical consumptions, both in navigation as well as for loading and discharging operations.